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About us

Jabalpur Management Association (JMA) an academic group that is initiating and leading dialogues on qualitative changes in the educational sector in India. We are registered under the government of India society acts (1973 ) since the year (2013). We conduct in-house activities such as Workshops, Training Programmes, Conferences etc., and engage in outreach activities such as Publication of journals, books etc., as well. In the initial years of existence, we have mainly focused on building the intellectual infrastructure and we believe that we have been quite successful thus far. The prolific response that our conferences, workshops and the Journal get testifies our acceptance among the academic circles. In return, we offer a good publicity to your institution, its courses and programmes.
Depending on the negotiation, you can publicize your institution's name as main sponsor or co-sponsor, collaborator or co-organizer of the event.
The following are the probable items through which you can advertise your products/programmes:
1. Back-stage banners,
2. Publicity materials,
3. Information brochure,
4. Badges, Direction arrows,
5. Mementos, Scribbling pads, Pens, Conference kits, Podium, Refreshment packs and Certificates.
We also offer you to involve in the following activities: Selection of the resource persons for the Keynote/Plenary talks), Selection of the persons for various awards instituted by us, and Publication of your research work in our edited volumes & journals at special rates.


JMA works for the integration of intellectual ideas across the globe to fulfill the thirst of innovation of humanity.


JMA is keen in providing substantial support to evoke the academician in the Multidsciplinary.


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