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The contents of these Monthly Journals of JMA have been designed to serve the interest of business , management and multidisciplinary Studies in the World. In addition to specially commissioned articles, it also carries case studies on Corporate Strategy, Marketing, HR & Technology etc, interviews / discussion with CEOs and business leaders as also management gurus. It is aimed to be the forum for discussion and validation of Multidisciplinary thoughts and innovations. The core strength of this journal is its ability to make global best practices and business ideas relevant to the Asian manager, thus making it a useful reference tool. The Journal of this unique genre has wide readership in all JMA member countries. These quarterly Journal published by GJMS India, was launched in December 2012, at Jabalpur India.
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Each member of JMA as the groups for professionals of its country conducts various research and special studies / surveys in its country. JMA offers them a platform to share, supplement and leverage from the findings of all such initiatives so that each member can benefit. This collection also serves as an important archive. Some of the important studies conducted will display soon.

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